Bony nose surgery


During puberty, your face and also your nose will be changed. It appears more wide or in some cases with hump due to genetics or dameges.

Bony nose has more bone and cartilage, and the patients complain of their hump. This article aims to investigate aftercares, procedure, the ways of choosing skillful surgery.


Mostly think that there’s no problem in result of bony nose surgery, and most of the time, the results are acceptable.

Which factors effect on the result?

Are the results positive and acceptable?

What is the bony nose?

Before answering these questions, first we discuss the structure of the nose. Nose consists of bone and cartilage. If the nose has hump and tight cartilage, this kind is called bony or cartilaginous nose.

Hump can be related to a damage, such as breaking in childhood, or hyper-growth of nasal bone and cartilage.

In these cases, removing bone and cartilage can not help to beauty, rather the recovery is needed.

Skin and the soft tissue that covers the bone and cartilage, is an important part of nose. It’s important to know how the thickness of the skin influences the result of nose surgery.

If the skin be too thick, tip of the nose being round and if the skin be too thin, sub cutaneous irregularities can be visible.

Flexibility is another important factor. The skin with high flexibility, sticks to its following tissue and to shape the nose better, while, weak skin has more round tip with prolonged swelling.

In this case, keeping the proportion of nose with other part of the face is so important.

Before take cares:

  • Applying cold compress for the first 2 or 3 days each quarter.
  • Using antibiotics for the first 1 week, using adult cold to decline the sneezing and postnasal drip, for the first 5 days.
  • Taking a bath after surgery: the splint or bandage places on the nose for 1 week. If the bandage becomes wet, the possibility of falling the bandage is increased, which affect directly on the result.
  • Prescript drugs: these drugs, such as antibiotics, calmatives, adult colds and nose drop and dexamethasone is used, to reduce swelling, and should use after 6 hours and with a diet.
  • Nose massaging: putting your hand on both sides, and massage the nose from up to down. Put your stress on the bony parts. Massaging should be such that the nose draws to cheek.

Bony nose surgery

People who are discontent with their nose, refer to doctor. Having hump and bulge due to the genetics or hereditary reasons, are as characteristics of bony noses. In some cases, damages can create the hump which can be seen from profile.

The best surgeons:

Choosing the right surgeon is the most important decision you can make when considering nose surgery. In some cases, people easily decide to perform nose surgery due to offering their friends and relatives, so they trust the doctor and choose that one.

The other way, is referring to doctor and consultation with patients. In clinic, you get familiar with older patients who performed nose surgery there and can ask your questions. In this case, it’s better for you to see their previous photos and compare them.


Nose surgery procedure:

In nose surgery, surgeon removes the cartilage and bone to shape the nose. At first, the surgeon creates incisions to get the cartilage and bone and then, removes the hump.

Cost of the performing nose surgery depends on the procedures during the surgery.

Is there the possibility of reversion?

Doing after take cares, have directly impact on the result. With regarding the considerations, you will never have problem, and all symptoms such as bruise and swelling is removed.


The final result of the surgery may not be completely evident until several months after the surgery, most patients look better than before surgery right when the cast comes off.

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